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Vent caps, used exclusively with the Ductboss Reverse Cleaning System,allow debris to be
completely removed from the system at first contact, rather than simply pushed further in,as
with a backward industry standard negative air only system. With the Ductboss system, debris
is pulled out with reverse agitation tools and a HEPA vacuum. Windows make it possible to
actually see dust and debris as it is being removed, no guess work,. After two clean passes,
the branch will typically be deemed clear, the cover can be replaced and the equipment moved
to the next in line.
Forward and reverse whips and skipper balls are used as agitation devises.
Top End Cleaning Equipment
Lower End Cleaning
Full cut access holes are created. These larger openings are  much more time consuming than the industry
standard use of only a one inch hole saw. Large openings are necessary to allow an operator to fully bend and
position cleaning rods by being able to reach up in. These correct openings also provide enough space to insert a
periscope or camera and lights in order to monitor progress easily, eliminating guess work and being certain a
particular run is actually cleaned before moving on. Each independent run of trunk line will need to be accessed in
this way for a proper job. Each home is unique, and some have a net work of trunks intersecting throughout the
basement area, which may require  several hours to complete. This is why I can not offer a one price fits all for a
lower end service. A proper job takes time and some larger homes may need the lower end to be scheduled
separately in order to provide this level of service. Customers are always welcome to take a look for them selves
before the port is sealed.
Clean outs are sealed with steel patch,  silver tape and screws.
Industry standard is to drill only small one inch holes in trunk lines. The holes are
designed for speed and are just enough to insert a cleaning rod. There is no way to
see what needs to be done and the tool can only be moved back and forth.  
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