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Health Monitoring Color Changing Cat Litter
What is Pretty Litter?
Pretty Litter is a super light weight highly absorbent and dust free crystal type cat
litter designed for regular every day use with the added benefit of a health
monitoring system.
How do I use it?
Use of this product involves a simple process of removing solids and then simply
stirring the wet litter back in with the dry to be re-used. The wet litter will dry and blend
nearly instantly. As the liquids evaporate all odors are completely locked in. In this way,
just one three pound bag of Pretty Litter will last an entire month one  average cat!
How will I know if there is a health concern?
Pretty Litter is made from natural silica micro gels with health indicators witch will
change in color in response to a cats particular chemistry. A yellow to light green is
considered normal. Other colors, which can be seen on the color chart on this page, may
indicate non normal chemistry and,if the color change persists, should prompt a visit with
your veterinarian.
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Yellow to Light Green  ( Normal )
High Alkaline ( UTI, chrystals, inflammation, etc.
Bilirubin ( Liver infection, pancreaitis, etc.
Acid ( struvite crystal, lower urinary tract issues, bladder problems, etc.
( Blood related )
This color chart represents possible links between color changes in Pretty Litter and health
If a color appears, continue to monitor. If color change persists, you may wish to consult with
your veterinarian.
Pretty Litter is not intended to replace regular veterinary care.
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